Thursday, January 22, 2009

Travel Thursday: Llandudno, Wales

Llandudno Promenade

Llandudno is a sleepy Victorian seaside resort in the north part of Wales, near Holyhead and Conwy. The waterfront is lined with these cute faded old hotels, and there is a long, long promenade for people to stroll up and down in nice weather.


Conwy Castle

Nearby Conwy Castle dates back to the 13th Century, and is quite picturesque from all angles.

Grand Hotel

Back in the days of WWII, it's said that Winston Churchill stayed at the Grand Hotel, but the place is pretty dumpy and run-down today.

Cyffordd Llandudno

I think the Welsh invented their strange and unpronounceable language simply to confound outsiders into leaving them alone.

Victorian Pier

At the eastern edge of the promenade is the old Victorian pier, with fish and chip shops and other entertainments along its length. Just out of frame to the left is a large gaming arcade, with ancient penny-ante gambling machines alongside newer video games and other diversions.


Tom Hilton said...

Little known fact: to translate from English to Welsh, just double all of the Ls, Fs, and Ds, and thrown in a random W and a Y every now and then.

Always wanted to go to Wales. These are some great shots.

Generik said...

Thanks, Tom. I think you have a handle on the language. Just for your further edification, double "L"s are pronounced "CL," and "U"s are pronounced like a short "I."

So the proper way to pronounce the town name is clan-DID-no.

Something I forgot to mention is the site in the hills overlooking the town of a mine that dates back to the Bronze Age, and a very cool old tram that takes you up to the top of the hills and back. All in all, a very interesting spot to spend a few days.

Donna said...

Tom that sounds just so for both Welsh and Gaelic -- both languages are completely beyond me. How you can get "Nee-av" from Niamh and "Tige" from Tadhg baffles me.

ahab said...

Nice shots. The promenade with its neoclassical architecture looks more French than GB-ish.