Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tiny City

Model 02
Model in the Complex Desjardins, Montreal, Quebec.


Donna said...

wow, neat!
I knew a couple of guys, MIT grads, who wound up working for Lego. One of them traveled the country building mammoth models. seemed like an ideal job.

Donna said...

and yeah, I know those aren't Legos but....well, that's where my mind went.

Tom Hilton said...

Playing with Lego for a living? Sign me up!

Donna said...

totally, man. My initial thought was "you spent WHAT to go to MIT so you could fly all over the country building Lego cities?"
and then I thought, "yeah dude, money well spent!"

Generik said...

They still look like Jello to me. Quebec in aspic.