Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In My Neighborhood

Barracuda Rear View

Barracuda Grille View

This beauty was parked across the street from my building on Sunday, right next to the fire station. When I was a kid, and Plymouth first started making the Barracuda, I thought it was about the coolest-looking car ever. I liked it even better than the Ford Mustang. I still love the lines on them, especially that big back window.


Tom Hilton said...

Now that's a swell vehicle. I'm a sucker for fishy-looking cars; the Marlin is another favorite.

Donna said...

wow, wow, totally fucking WOW! That is one sexy beast even if it is that particular shade of pink. I have that model in miniature (sigh), in mint green.

Donna said...

back end is SWEET!

Generik said...

Yeah, I couldn't believe my eyes when I went out to get a paper Sunday morning. It's stuff like that that makes me always, always take a camera with me when I go outside.

The back window on those cars really blew my hair back when they first came out, and I still get a thrill seeing one today.

ahab said...

I have a vintage radio looks just like that thing.

God, that is sweet!

Christopher said...

Oh, that one is real nice.