Friday, January 9, 2009

This One's for Generik

Sierra 07
Because I feel confident he can identify the location. (No clicking through to the Flickr page, though.)


Generik said...

Without looking at your Flickr page (I will right after I post this), I'd say you're over Twin Lakes in the Eastern Sierra. I've spotted that site from the air myself; I believe that's a pretty routine flight path for jets headed east.

Generik said...

...Thought so!

Tom Hilton said...

I figured you'd get that. Of course, I thought of you as soon as I identified the location.

Generik said...

The first time we saw that view, we were flying home from New Orleans in 2000. The pilot said, "All of you on the left, look out the window and you'll see the Yosemite valley." We were on the right... but that turned out to be rather fortuitous, as we were able to identify our favorite vacation spot from the air.

Since then, we've made note many times of how many commercial flights we see directly overhead when we camp there.