Saturday, January 3, 2009

In My Neighborhood

Building in the Rain

The Leland Hotel at Polk and Bush Streets, reflected in a puddle in Frank Norris Alley.


ahab said...

Nice and disconcerting.

Donna said...

Despite the sun seeming to be out in the reflection and knowing this must have been taken in a much warmer environment than NE, this reminds me much of the bleak days of winter. OK, maybe everything does right now. whine, snivel

Generik said...

That's funny, ahab, my wife said pretty much the same thing about this shot. I think her description of it was "cool and creepy."

Donna, if I could send you some California sunshine, I'd do it in a minute!

Christopher said...

Very nice shot. Who would have thought the Leland could be so photogenic ? I remember watching a large fire there several years ago. So long ago, I can't really remember when.

Generik said...

Fire at the Leland: Dec.20th, 1998, according to Sally. She remembers because it was her first day working at Britex Fabrics. All I remember is that the hotel was closed for many years afterwards. We wondered if it would ever open again.

And no, it's not particularly photogenic, although this view of it turned out to be a pretty good capture. Thanks, Christopher, much appreciated.