Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blogiversary Retrospective

Pixels at an Exhibition is one year old today. (Sniff...they grow up so fast...) To celebrate, here's a selection of favorite photos from each of us (chosen by the other two).

Kayaks by Tom Hilton, posted 12/2/08.

Shade Indigo
Shade Indigo by Ahab, posted 12/4/08

Pink & Orange Dragon
Gung Hay Fat Choy by Generik, posted 2/8/09

Cine by Ahab, posted 4/9/09

My Favorite Slogan
Travel Thursday - Granada, Nicaragua by Tom Hilton, posted 12/18/08

Self-Portrait Shadow
Self Portrait by Generik, posted 4/4/09

Mountain View 33
Not Quite Aligned by Tom Hilton, posted 1/18/09

Ballpark Sunset
A Cloud Over Baseball by Generik, posted 6/16/09

Twilight by Ahab, posted 4/15/09

Poppies 03
Poppies by Tom Hilton, posted 4/20/09

Having a Bad Dream
Having a Bad Dream by Generik, posted 10/9/09

Crabapple by Ahab, posted 10/21/09

Gator Reflected
Travel Thursday: California Academy of Sciences by Generik, posted 10/15/09

Wine-Dark Sky
Wine-Dark Sky by Ahab, posted 10/28/09

Causeway 03
Under the Causeway by Tom Hilton, posted 5/13/09

Stay by Generik, posted 11/16/09

Mosaic by Ahab, posted 11/6/09

Moro Rock 04 BW
Shadow Shot Sunday by Tom Hilton, posted 8/15/09

It's been a most enjoyable year. Looking through the great stuff from Generik and Ahab, I'm impressed all over again; it's a real honor to share a forum with such fine photographers.


Catherine said...

happy anniversary and what a wonderful selection - my top three are the kayaks, non-alligned jars and the dark sky with yellow oars - all beautiful!!

Donna said...

thanks guys, you've brought me some significant joy and grins with your work.

hmmm, maybe time for a new show too!

sarayutouched said...

happy blogiversary!! my absolute favorite is your last selection.
tree, mist, shadows...gorgeous!!

Generik said...

It's been a great pleasure being involved in this for me as well. Thanks so much to Tom and ahab and all our readers/viewers for making this such fun.

I agree with Tom that looking through all the past selections from my blogmates was very inspiring; I had a tough time picking just three shots from each of them! Here's to many more years of doing this.

E-6 said...

I only stumbled across this site by happenstance--Random Fridays at George's. Clicked on a link one day, and viola. I'm hooked. Really wonderful joint you got here. Cheers!

Sam said...

This is a fantastic selection of photographs - thank you for sharing! I love the cloud over baseball and the building shots with the advertising peeking through especially! Happy SSS!

Hey Harriet said...

A great big happy first year blogiversary guys! I enjoyed the selection you've all chosen to celebrate with! I'm looking forward to another year of wonderful photography you talented trio!

ahab said...

This blog sure has been a lot of fun. Thanks for starting it, Tom, for participating, Generik, and for viewing, viewers! Here's to another interesting and arty year.

m e l i g r o s a said...

these are awesome. love the blog guys!! :D