Monday, November 30, 2009




Tom Hilton said...

Great still life.

Of course, now I'm trying to imagine a dish that combines bananas and green onions.

Generik said...

Me too!

Also -- I thought you were in Italy!

No matter, wherever you are right now, this is a very cool shot.

Donna said...

nice lines. cool. and Italy? where in Italy?

E-6 said...

Heh, nice.

(Plantains and scallions, maybe...)

ahab said...

Hey! checking in. Rome for three days, san gimignano for 3, lucca for 3. No Naples, sad to say.

I was making chicken coq au vin for Thanksgiving (early, as it was in a crockpot) and I had a banana for breakfast.

This morning in rome i had an altercation in the Campo de fiori with an oldbull who told me not to take photos of a certain wall and some colorful dollies. Nasty old jagoff. In the middle of the biggest, liveliest market in rome. I cursed at him in english, not italian.

I'll post the photos later!

Generik said...

Photography is not a crime!

Not even in Italy... as far as I know.