Thursday, December 18, 2008

Travel Thursday

My Favorite Slogan
Granada, Nicaragua, 1985.

(And with that I'm off for some mostly domestic travel, and probably lots of photos. Enjoy your holidays, folks!)


Donna said...

wow! just wow. bravo!

hope your travels are unannoying and fun too.

ahab said...

Outstanding photo. It all just comes together so powerfully.


Have a great break, bring us back some great shots.

(Meanwhile, 8-12" more snow here today. Looks like I'll be working that "Winter" tag pretty hard this year.)

Generik said...

Enjoy your time in the snowy climes, Tom, always remembering that you can come home from it.

Donna said...

"always remembering that you can come home from it."

yeah, rub it in Generik. You know, digging ones car out after a snow storm can be an edifying experience or so I'm told....probably when I'm cold, wet and swearing.

Generik said...

Sorry, Donna, I didn't mean to be mean. Being a California native, I've just never understood how people can live with weather like that year after year.

Humidity is something else I have no capacity for, and wonder the same thing about it.