Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Was Looking at the Black and White World


Short-arm inspection at the annual St. Stupid's Day Parade, April 1st, 2007. All present and accounted for, sir.


Donna said...

Off topic (and with such a fun image that feels really negligent of me -- OK, shooting fish in a barrel but....) but I have an idea -- my job is about to change and there's an opportunity. I work for a printing company which has a few retail locations in Boston. The one I'm being transferred to is in Copley Square (tourism and shopping Mecca). In the customer service area they hang images printed on one of our large format printers (then drymounted with laminate surface). My thought, and I've run this by the location manager who's keen on it, is to display your work (Pixels at an Exhibition dudes) with, of course, a card saying who you are, contact info, whatever. You get exposure and we get great images on our walls.
If you're interested, all I would need is 300 DPI images (TIFFs ideally but hi res JPEGs are cool too) -- color is preferred and non-racey images (ahem, my own work doesn't meet our needs, sadly). I'm still working this out with my new boss but I wanted to run it by you all before I got farther in (of course).
Let me know please.

Generik said...


Ummm... I mean, yeah, that sounds very cool.

Okay, no, what I really mean is WOW!!! Yes! I would love to participate in that, thanks!

Donna said...


I'll be on this after the holidays. My job change begins then and I'll have a more firm idea of what's what.
Do you all have my contact info (email)?

Tom Hilton said...

Donna, that would be awesome! I should have your e-mail through HaloScan, but just in case mine is tvhilton [at] gmail [dot] com.

Generik said...

You can reach me via erik (at) gene (dot) com.

ahab said...

Sign me up! Call me ahab at epix period net (then I'll give you a better one).

I can only hope your new position allows you plenty of blog reading and commenting time!

ahab said...

Generik, I enjoyed these photos on your Flickr site. Great stuff.

Donna said...

thanks! I just sent you all an email and hope it gets through.