Monday, December 1, 2008

My Neighborhood

1-2-3 Seagull
Good idea, Generik.

I live in the Richmond District (technically, the Inner Outer Richmond). It's the second-foggiest neighborhood (after the Sunset); settled later than most of the city, so there aren't a lot of cool old Victorians; now a mix of Asian (from everywhere), Russian, and assorted other ethnicities--with restaurants representing all of them.

This is the top of the old Alexandria at 18th & Geary, a classic movie theatre that closed down a few years ago and has been more or less derelict in the meantime.


Donna said...

related to neighborhoods:
check out the images. I was there in winter years ago. there was flooding but not as bad as this. my friend and I slogged through the streets with our pantlegs rolled up -- trying to get to the water bus to get to the airport. first we had to find a "bus" stop that wasn't closed due to flood.

and...nice bird!

Generik said...

I saw that yesterday, Donna! I was there in summer, and it was hot and humid as hell. We got caught one evening in a lightning and thunderstorm the likes of which I've never seen before or since. Amazing place.

Also -- nice bird, Tom.