Sunday, November 30, 2008

In My Neighborhood

I live in the Polk Gulch area of San Francisco -- also known as the "TenderNob -- where the Tenderloin meets Nob Hill." It's gritty, urban, densely populated and "colorful" here. For years I've been taking pictures of this neighborhood -- documenting, chronicling, recording the sights I see every day. This seems like the perfect place to start a running series of images from the blocks that surround me. This is what my neighborhood looks like; if either or both of my blogmates would like to share this idea and record their respective surroundings, I'd encourage that.

Patriotic Scaffold

This building is going up just across the alley from our apartment. The rear view here is Hemlock Alley; the front of the building is on Sutter Street.

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ahab said...

I like this neighborhood idea a lot. I'm a major voyeur.