Thursday, November 27, 2008

Travel Thursday: Prague

Tom mentioned something the other day about setting up some continuing themes for this blog. Yesterday I started what I expect will be a recurring black and white theme; today, I'd like to introduce Travel Thursdays, where I will feature one spot in the world that I've visited in the past (or perhaps I'll link to and/or post images from another photographer whose work I like).

To start this off today, here are some shots from what I think is the most beautiful city I've ever been lucky enough to spend time in: Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

Charles Bridge Reflection

The Charles Bridge reflected in the Vltava River.


Prague Castle Sunset

Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral at sunset.

Fat Statue

Public art is huge in Prague.

Charles Bridge Crowd

The crowd on the Charles Bridge.

Superman II

Public art is huge -- and dangerous! -- in Prague.

Prague Square

Prague Square and Our Lady before Tyn church.

1 comment:

ahab said...

Agreed -- Prague is spectacular. You've got some great images here.

We visited in '96, when beer was cheap as water and the second language was still Russian. Then we went to Kutna Hora, Cesky Budjovice, and finally Cesky Krumlov, where as you've probably read somewhere I was drunk under the table by a kind German.

We spent five nights in Berlin on that trip too. What a fascinating time and place.

I've gotta dig out my slides. I remember a rainy/foggy photo shoot on the Charles Bridge that yielded some good things. You almost can't go wrong in Prague. Point and shoot.

Thanks for posting these.