Thursday, December 11, 2008

Travel Thursday: Hong Kong


Hong Kong skyline reflected in the Royal Pacific Hotel, Kowloon.


ahab said...

Wow, Hong Kong. You really get around.

Nice lines in this shot.

Donna said...

damn, you're up early Ahab!

More Hong King pics please or just more travel pics. Today is pouring rain, dark and cold here in the NE -- could use some visual escape.

Tom Hilton said...

Great reflection.

Generik said...


I'm trying to keep from flooding this site with too many pictures from any one place at one time. That way I can always revisit a city in the future without repeating myself (I hope).

What I do worry about is that as I post my best pictures, it's going to get harder and harder to top myself. Or maybe that's not something I really need to concern myself with at all...

ahab said...

No, you go on and run ahead, Mr. Rabbit! It'll all work out in the end. ;)

Actually, from what I've seen of your Flickr pages, you could go on like this for quite some time.

Donna, I'm usually up by six but not online. Yesterday our power went out and an alarm woke me at about 5am, so I got online early. Then the power went back out and stayed intermittent all day. No fun.