Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Ones That Got Away

Speaking of Xmas parties, Saturday night I had yet another painful lesson in why I should always bring my camera with me.

I was on my way to the company Christmas party, about a block from home, when I realized I hadn't brought my camera. I waffled for a minute and then decided not to go back for it--probably not much to shoot at the party, and I would feel kind of like a dork with my camera slung over my shoulder the whole evening.

I caught a 5 Fulton right away and got downtown with some time to kill, so I figured I'd wander around Westfield Mall. As I was walking in through the BART entrance, I passed a half-dozen people dressed as Santa Claus. Inside there were more of them. Santa in a rainbow clown wig. Santa in a bodice. Devil Santa. At one point a group took the escalator down a floor, an entire escalator-riser's worth of Santas. And outside, at the cable car turnaround, there were hundreds of them.

Yes, it was SantaCon. And me without my camera. Let that be a lesson to me.


Generik said...

Ah, the annual Running of the Santas. Yet another one of those "only in San Francisco" events. I remember a year or two ago seeing them all gathered at the Hemlock Tavern across the street from me, and Mrs. Generik sees them regularly in Union Square when they're on their run. I've even considered buying a Santa outfit and joining them one of these years. I'll bet it would be hecka fun, as the boys and girls today say.

As for not having your camera with you -- that'll learn ya, bub.

Generik said...

Of course, by "only in San Francisco," I meant "only in San Francisco and dozens of other cities around the country and the world."

George said...

Wait, there's more than one Santa!


ahab said...

Ah, the ones that get away in life. They torture you!