Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Cloud Over Baseball

Ballpark Sunset

(A few pictures for Donna, who, I believe, likes clouds.)

Mrs. Generik and I are Giants fans and season ticket holders at AT&T Park. We sit upstairs, where the view can be both dramatic and distracting. Last Friday night was especially nice in that regard, with some incredible clouds and sunset color. I spent the better part of two innings looking through my viewfinder rather than paying attention to the action on the field. (The game itself was a masterpiece, too, though --Tim Lincecum pitched a complete game shutout in all of 2 hours and 2 minutes.)

I think these look better bigger, so you might want to click back to the Flickr pages for them and check out the larger size.


The Color of a Cloud

Light Ship

Rincon Reflection

East Bay Cloud Study


Tom Hilton said...

Spectacular shots! I especially like the first one--I'm a sucker for neon in twilight.

ahab said...

Pretty night and scene. And you've got a pretty good team this year, too. (Damn Dodgers!)

Donna said...
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Donna said...

gorgeous, just fucking gorgeous. such life and movement -- thank you!

Donna said...

and, shocking as this may seem, we're Red Sox fans though I much prefer minor league ball. Cape League is brilliant stuff to watch.

Generik said...

Thanks, all. I've taken plenty of cloud shots there over the years and am generally disappointed with the results. But every once in a while, I get something decent.

Yes, ahab, the team is looking better than expected right now, and might have a chance to contend. Damn Dodgers is right, though!

Donna, I also like the Red Sox, and agree that minor league ball is tons of fun to watch. It's kind of a long drive for me, though -- either Sacramento or San Jose -- while the big club is right here where I live.