Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Klee Ice II

Klee Ice II
This is a leftover from last year at this time, but I'm clearing the decks in hope of a similar opportunity in the next few days. "Klee Ice I" is here.


Donna said...

this should be framed. just tremendous.

E-6 said...

Very cool, sir. (As is Klee I.)

Generik said...

Beautiful, gorgeous and many other applicable superlatives.

ahab said...


We'll see what this winter brings. The lake has started freezing a couple of times already but then thawed. The water's like 32.001 degrees. And it's windy as hell and supposed to stay so all week long.

I'm also interested to see if those rare Trumpeter Swans will return this year. I think they won't come until there is ice to perch on.

Donna, unfortunately the file is very small. I cropped this shot out of a shot of a larger icefield and pushed the pixels about to their limit.