Wednesday, December 9, 2009

See Your West

Mt Whitney 03
Mt. Whitney from the Alabama Hills.


E-6 said...

Love how the shapes of the clouds echo that of the mountain and the rocks in the foreground. Stunning, really.

Generik said...

I actually gasped when I saw this. Beautiful, beautiful shot; perfectly framed and composed -- and I can't believe you took this all the way from Alabama! ;-)

Donna said...

WOW! just fucking WOW!

Tom Hilton said...

Thanks! This is a favorite of mine, from my desert road trip in 2008.

Tom Hilton said...

And by the way, Generik...a little etymology:

"After the Confederate raider Alabama sank the Union warship Hatteras off the coast of Texas on Jan 11, 1863, the range north of Owens Lake was named the Alabama Hills by Southern sympathizers. When the Union man-of-war Kearsarge in turn destroyed the Alabama off the coast of France on June 19, 1864, Thomas May and his partners called their claims the Kearsarge mining district (organized Sept. 19, 1864)."

Showed those damn secesh.

ahab said...

Really good.