Thursday, December 10, 2009

Travel Thursday: Lake Tahoe

Tahoe 01
The last time we were all together--all four brothers and our folks (plus SOs & my niece)--was in 2006, when we rented a big condo in South Lake Tahoe. The dates overlapped by a couple of days with my Monarch Divide trip, so I got home from Kings Canyon and the next morning we set out for Tahoe. Coming from the farthest reaches of the middle of nowhere to the sprawl and traffic and crowds of Lake Tahoe was a bit of a shock. I kept thinking: to a lot of Northern Californians, this is the Sierra.

Disorientation aside, though, it was a great time. We went on a paddle-wheel cruise; we went up to Eagle Falls; we went to a casino; the usual stuff, I guess. And when you look past the crowds and the overdevelopment and all, it really is a beautiful lake. And of course I have to remember it fondly, because it was the last in a series of family vacations that began (for me) 40 years before.

This was shot at a big old estate west of town, now a park of some kind.


Donna said...

Lovely pic and story -- thank you for both. The variation in the blues is intriguing and calming.

Generik said...

Yes. Beautiful shot and very wistful story, especially knowing what's happened since.