Thursday, March 26, 2009

Travel Thursday

Cabin in the Trees

Traveling on Highway 108 a few days after Christmas, we were headed for a vacation in California's Gold Country. Just past the turnoff for Yosemite and before we reached Jamestown, we saw this abandoned cabin and a few other structures by the side of the road. It was nearly sunset -- The Golden Hour -- and we stopped to shoot a few pictures.



Hole in the Wall

Sunset Trees


Meadow at Sunset

Cabin in the Trees II


Donna said...

cool. the red tree one is just wild!

Tom Hilton said...

Great decay, beautiful light.

ahab said...

Nice shots. But haven't we seen that top one before?

Generik said...

Dang, ahab, you're right. The dementia is getting worse; I'm starting to repeat myself.


Donna said...

it's part of the set -- good to see in context.

ahab said...

What Donna said.

Also, it must be tough to stay atop your growing photo empire.