Thursday, March 19, 2009

Travel Thursday: Clear Lake, CA

Clear Lake Pilings

Located north of Napa and the Wine Country, Clear Lake is California's largest freshwater lake. All the usual activities associated with water are found here: boating, fishing, swimming, concerts at Konocti Harbor, meth labs, drowning... but really, it's mostly a nice place to camp and fish and such. There are a number of towns surrounding the lake, like Kelseyville, Lakeport, Lucerne, Finley and Nice. During the summer it's usually crowded with tourists and campers, but in the winter the lodging is cheap and the tourists few. These shots were all taken on a drizzly day in early January at various points around the lake.


The Path Less Traveled


Fallen Leaves, Bare Branches



Kelsey Creek Bridge II

Winter at Clear Lake


Donna said...

just really lovely. thank you.

Generik said...

You're welcome, and thank you!

I believe I may have posted at least one of these shots on this site before.

Ravioli07 said...

You MUST have known we're headed to Clear Lake for the weekend. Not Italy but at least away.
Hope to catch some big fish.

ahab said...

Nice shots. I don't recognize any reruns, though.

Speaking of lakes, the ice is finally off our lake as of yesterday. That's important!

Tom Hilton said...

Very nice. There's a particular kind of melancholy unique to off-season resorts, and you capture that in these. Some of them remind me of the shots of the mothballed Corleone compound at the beginning of Godfather III.

Generik said...

Ravioli, I didn't know, but I'm happy to be your enabler. (And to be honest, I refrained from posting pictures of Florence this week because... well, you know.)

Happy to hear that spring is on the way for you, ahab.

Tom, here's a tip for you: Don't go fishing with Fredo!

Tom Hilton said...

More to the point, don't go fishing with Al Neri.