Thursday, March 5, 2009

Travel Thursday: Maui

Maui Branch

I've been to Maui twice now, most recently in November, 2004. These pictures are all from that trip, taken when my PowerShot 50 (or, as Mrs. Generik calls it, my "point and stupid") was still new. Most of these shots were taken on or near Big Beach or along the road to Hana.


Old Maui Church

Maui Sunset

Hidden Pool


Coconut on the Beach

Where the Lava Meets the Sea

View from the Road to Hana



Generik said...

Upon further review... the first shot is from Kihei, and the coconut is from a beach on the north end of the island where we went snorkeling, the name of which escapes me at the moment.

Donna said...

thank you! god I love Thursdays. The sky pic just slays me but then, I'm a sucker for sky images anyway.

Kym said...

The positioning of the whitened log on the first photo is delightful. I love the way it draws my eye.

The beach photo with the wonderful sky and curving froth of surf is captured at the perfect spot too. I would have brought the surf line from the left corner exactly instead of just above it and I would have been wrong!

Generik said...

Donna, it occurs to me from your comment that you might also enjoy this shot and this shot from that same set.

Kym, thank you very much for the compliment. I have to think, though, that the shot you described would not have been wrong, just a little different. My personal opinion is that it's hard to go wrong shooting scenery like that.

Donna said...

thank you for the links! gorgeous, just gorgeous.

ahab said...

Nice shots, G. Until about a year ago, my next younger brother lived on Maui. He was there going on ten years, and I never visited him once. Dumb move, but hot places are not for me.

Generik said...

Sorry you missed out, ahab. Especially given the fact that the two times I was there -- once in July and once in November -- the temperature was absolutely pleasant and comfortable. And I say that as someone who also hates the heat. (I moved away from Southern California in large part because I couldn't take it.) Maybe you need to propose a vacation with your brother tagging along to show you the sights.