Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Funhouse Picasso

Funhouse Picasso
In the courtyard of the Musée national Picasso Paris

The mirrored wall is part of a temporary installation at the museum. It's called "La Coupure" -- "The Break" -- by Daniel Buren. Above a diagonal line between its upper front corner and its rearward bottom corner, the mirror is black; below the line, it's silver. The mirror runs straight through the building, necessitating cutouts to allow movement between some of the interior galleries. I got some interesting photos of these cutouts, which I'll post another time.

Beneath the fold, there's a more descriptive shot of mine of the front of the installation. And there are more photos and a description in French at this link.

Funhouse Picasso II


Donna said...

sweet lighting!

Generik said...

Wow, those are both fabulous. When I saw the first one, I immediately thought it was a picture of a building on fire, with a stream of water from a hose being trained on it.

And the second one is just a magnificent reflection. So glad to have you back!

Tom Hilton said...

Very cool!

ahab said...

Thank you all! This mirror thing was spectacular. At first I thought, "Oh no, construction scaffolding; oh well, at least they covered it up in this interesting mirror." But then I started to get it, or at least to get part of it. Then as the thing unfolded throughout the building it was simply mind-blowing. I found it was too big, both physically and artistically, to take in with the camera. So I tried to enjoy pecking around the edges. This museum was right near our apartment, so we came back a couple of times. I know that there are some stunning shots there that I had neither the time nor the genius to capture. But I'm pleased (and relieved) that you guys enjoyed what I did get.

The French are sooo cool.