Thursday, February 11, 2010

Travel Thursday: Pomona

Carnival Lights

Carnival rides light up the night in the Fun Zone at the Los Angeles County Fair.


ahab said...

New lens? Tripod? Nice and sharp. (I'd have gone "schmeer". ;) )

E-6 said...

P-Town? Looks like Vegas, baby! Vegas.

Donna said...

Yeah, def looks Vegas-y but I think that's the whole point of carnivals or Vegas. Which came first? Love the color.

Tom Hilton said...

Wow! I love this one.

Generik said...

This was actually taken a year and a half ago, before the new lens and without a tripod. I'm anxious for county fair season to start up again so that I can use the new lens and the tripod and the little bit of knowledge I've recently picked up about long exposures to good effect.

Donna, I believe carnivals preceded Vegas, but that's another place I need to revisit with the camera. Maybe that would keep me out of the casinos.

Donna said...

All of my pics from my days on the road were taken with one of those nasty things which spit out chemically squares which developed magically!

I'd love to make a road trip now, good cameras in tow, to take portraits of the rides, joints as well as individual carnies. G, you would totally rock at that!

As with the rest of the word -- the show's practically a whole different animal from 30 years ago when I left.