Monday, February 22, 2010

In My Neighborhood: Grass Roots

Grass Roots #2

Across the street from my apartment building are a fire station, the residential America Hotel, a bar known as Divas and a medical marijuana outlet called Grass Roots. This is what it looked like on a rainy Sunday night peeking out the window from our laundry room.


Donna said...

I'm moving in, man.

great light and color in this shot.

Generik said...

Thanks. That's one of the main reasons I bought the new 50mm lens, to be able to shoot in low light like this.

E-6 said...

Midnight Confessions?

Savannah said...

A little Edward Hopper does medicinal marijuana. Great light!

And Error, loved that song then and now... good times.

Generik said...

Thanks, E-6. Always liked that song myself.

ahab said...

Some of those folks appear to be really suffering. God love 'em.

Good shot.