Thursday, February 18, 2010

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker
Male, Eastern Race


Tom Hilton said...

Beautiful bird, great capture.

ahab said...

Thanks! He is a beauty, isn't he? This species is actually pretty bold, though, so it wasn't the greatest achievement getting him. Now, that pose took some waiting for.

I had a superb chance at a rarer and much shier red-bellied woodpecker last November. Unfortunately, my tele lens was damaged and unsharp from a knock I gave it, so the chance didn't pan out. Such an opportunity won't come my way again soon. Got my lens fixed straightaway, though, as you can see here.

Generik said...

The bit of red on his head totally makes this shot. Also, no Popeye legs. ;-)

E-6 said...

Nice pic. I'm a sucker for a redhead.

(I'll never live that Popeye legs comment down, will I?)

ahab said...

Yes, the red is the clincher. The female Downy hasn't got any red, and it's always such a disappointment to encounter her rather than the male.