Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Minors Served

Minors Are Not Served in Hell

Some interesting advertising that I've seen juxtaposed in a few different places throughout the city lately.


Tom Hilton said...

Ha! Very funny. You can imagine it any number of different ways (who's saying what to whom).

Donna said...

Heh, we just printed up the Go To Hell poster for the ad agency -- when I walked into work on Tuesday I thought is was a message from the universe (that I should go home and back to bed).

Generik said...

Speaking of messages from the universe -- I was reading the paper this morning, and happened to glance at the obituaries (which I almost never pay attention to at all). I saw two -- TWO! -- obituaries of people who just died this past week, who both shared my birthday. And I only looked at about four total!

That was way weird.

E-6 said...

I may have used those exact words to youngsters who couldn't produce valid IDs back when I was bartending!