Thursday, January 21, 2010

Travel Thursday: Florence

Fiore Tower

Bell Tower at Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence.

(I've been sick all week, thus limited online presence. Starting to rebound today, thankfully.)


Tom Hilton said...

Too sick to go online? Now that's sick.

Sorry you've been under the weather. I hope Sally is feeling better, at least.

ahab said...

Oh, I thought you were off somewhere having fun. Sorry to hear the truth.

Nice shot.

Donna said...

the ubiquitous crowded nicely cropped out. very cool.

incredibly, there's a very good Irish bar just around the corner from there.

E-6 said...

Did someone say "phallus"? I kid. Glad you're feeling better, G.

You guys have been on a roll.

Savannah said...

Ahh... hope you're feeling better. Your public (us) needs you.
Love the pic...beautiful.