Friday, January 29, 2010

Mission Market

Mission Market
Another shot from the trip two years ago. I revisited this site last week -- that door is still hanging ajar.


Generik said...

Heh, this looks like one either Tom or I might have taken. I guess we're all influencing each other here!

ahab said...

No doubt about that, Generik. I was looking around Phoenix and Tucson all last week at the advertising signs and sculptures and all that old-towney stuff you guys feast on. If I'd had more time I'd have spent it collecting some of those trophies.

E-6 said...

You got yer complimentary colors working for you. Red-Green, Blue-Orange.

What were you doing in AZ?

ahab said...

Good eye, E-6, although of course I shouldn't be surprised that a painter would catch the primary colors in this shot.

I was down there in AZ fooling around. With the barest excuse of a touch of personal business. I don't travel during rowing season anymore, so I have to cram my vacations into the December-March window. Which is a good time to be away from this wintry hellhole. (Four degrees Fahrenheit last night, high of 14 today.)

Have you ever been down that way? Lots of Midwesterners down there, both seasonally and permanently. I love it there. It's real Howe Gelb country -- low-key, casual and both quirky and beautiful as all get-out.

Unfortunately it was not a great photo trip. Two killer shots and a couple of decent ones.