Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Olympics of People Watching: Barefoot in the Alley

Barefoot in the Alley

Tonight is the reception and closing night for a photo contest here in SF called The Olympics of People Watching. I was lucky enough to be chosen one of the seven finalists, and tonight the public is invited to come and view all the submissions and vote for Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalists. Above is one of the ten photos I submitted to qualify as a finalist; there will be five more photos (all shot on film last Saturday morning in various sites around the city) on display for voting consideration as well.

To see all ten of the photos I submitted initially (some of which have been posted on this site), go here. After tonight, I will also put the five photos from last Saturday in that same set.

Wish me luck!

4 comments: said...

Good luck(and congratulations)!

Generik said...

Gold Medal! Woohoo!!

ahab said...


Great shots all, but I love that winner.

Tom Hilton said...

Congratulations! Wish I could have made it...this cold has been kicking my butt (not sure I'll be up for Friday, for that matter).