Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lombard Street, New Year's Eve

Lombard Street, New Year's Eve

One more long exposure from the last day of 2010. This was shot from the roof of a friend's apartment building in North Beach. The zig-zag of Lombard Street is lit up by cars making their way down what's called "The Crookedest Street in the World" (it really isn't, but it still gets a lot of publicity and tourist visits).


Tom Hilton said...

Nice. Great way to close out the year.

ahab said...

I dunno, I've been on that street and it's pretty crooked. ;)

Nice shot. Nice neighborhood there, too. Great people-watching in a little park down below there.

I'm looking forward to heading to NY this weekend for a change of scenery. I gotta get away from birds and water for a few days.

Generik said...

There's a street on Potrero Hill, Vermont at 22nd, that's more crooked than Lombard, but it's not nearly as scenic, so doesn't get the publicity. It is the site of an annual tricycle race, though, which is always lots of fun.

And I believe the park you're thinking of is Washington Square -- right across from Sts. Peter and Paul church -- and you're right, it is great for people watching.

Have fun in New York, look forward to seeing some of your pictures of the blizzard aftermath there!

E-6 said...