Friday, January 28, 2011

In My Neighborhood: Finest Nails and a Diet Coke

Finest Nails and a Diet Coke

Shot on film with the trusty old Pentax K1000 one Saturday morning a few weeks back. This is Polk Street looking south from Hemlock Alley; almost right outside my window.


ahab said...

Good shot. Is this the Tenderloin neighborhood?

Must say I do not miss film, myself.

Generik said...

Is this the Tenderloin neighborhood?

Kind of depends on who you ask or what source you consult. Technically, according to the long-ago drawn boundaries of the city, my neighborhood is *just outside* the Tenderloin -- like a block away or so. But most people these days kind of blur the lines and include the lower Polk Gulch (where this shot was taken) as part of the TL. Others call it the TenderNob, as in the place where the Tenderloin meets Nob Hill.

I tend to think of it as close enough, myself.

Generik said...

As for missing or not missing film, I find that it's a very different mindset shooting film after shooting digital these past few years. I do like the look of this particular shot, for instance, but I find the expense and the lack of immediacy somewhat disconcerting. And it takes me half a roll of film before I stop looking at the back of the Pentax after I press the shutter, expecting to see the shot I just took.

ahab said...

Hahaha. I never thought about the LCD issue. I just sucked as a film photog. Nowhere near enough latitude for me. We are so spoiled now. Speaking of which, you can probably get a program to emulate the film effects you like.