Thursday, September 3, 2009

Travel Thursday: San Francisco

Peach & Salmon Blues

Last week we had some really cool clouds over SF, thanks to a tropical storm many miles south. These shots were taken from my perch high up in the Giants' ballpark one evening.

This counts as Travel Thursday, doesn't it? I mean, San Francisco is a travel destination, right? Everybody wants to come here. I just happen to live here.


Team Flags


Ballpark Sky

Cosmic Question

Ballpark Clouds

Clouds, Flags, Rincon One


Tom Hilton said...

Outstanding. And hey, the Travel Thursday thing works for me.

Donna said...

so beautiful, tears come to my eyes. molto grazie, man.

Generik said...

Thanks, glad you liked these! It was quite the show that evening... I think I missed most of about two innings or so.

ahab said...

Heckuva universe we've got going here, eh?