Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In My Neighborhood: Martini Monday is Over

Martini Monday is Over

...At least for this week it is. The Lush Lounge is moving to a new spot a block up Polk Street, and they're taking their signature security gates with them.


Donna said...

I NEED that gate. Really, it's a need not a want. Oh stop rolling your eyes.

ahab said...

I love it! (Although it is disturbing to see the drinks sideways like that.)

Tom Hilton said...

Donna, Donna, Donna...surely you can see that that gate rightfully belongs to me.

And yeah, Ahab...the thought of even imaginary Martinis spilling is disturbing indeed.

Donna said...

I will concede ownership of the gate if, and only IF you make me martinis....forEVER! so there, nyah, nyah, nyah. (persuasively and cogently argued if I do say so myself)