Thursday, September 24, 2009

Travel Thursday: Motels of Hwy 395

Silver Maple No Vacancy
Bridgeport, CA

Highway 395, skirting the eastern edge of California for most of the length of the state, then skipping into Nevada for a while before coming back to the Golden State and heading up to Oregon and points north, is probably my favorite road in all of the US. I've spent many, many hours going north and south on that road, and expect I will log many, many more before I shuffle off this mortal coil. Here are just a few of the motel signs that can be seen on a stretch of about 100 miles of this fascinating highway, from Lee Vining, CA, to Carson City, NV.


Andruss Motel

Walker, CA

Carson City, NV

Gateway Motel
Lee Vining, CA

Topaz Lodge
Topaz, NV

Motor Motel
Bridgeport, CA

Minden Motel
Minden, NV

Toiyabe Motel Day II
Walker, CA

Toiyabe Motel Night
Walker, CA

City Center Motel Night
Carson City, NV

Lee Vining Motel
Lee Vining, CA

Redwood Motel
Bridgeport, CA


Generik said...

Apologies to anyone who tried to view these pictures while I was having so much trouble posting them this morning -- and thanks to Tom for his help!

Tom Hilton said...

Great signs, excellent captures. The Silver Maple is probably my favorite, but the eastside really is the Land O'Swell Motel Signs.

Donna said...

Yeah, Silver Maple is my fav too. Why is it that I've got Hitchcock and screeching violins in my head now though? hmmmmm.

ahab said...

Great stuff! Well done.