Thursday, April 9, 2009

Travel Thursday

Red Umbrella in Prague

Red umbrella in Prague Castle.


Generik said...

This is one of those pictures that took me a while to really "see." In fact, it was a couple years after I took it that I really noticed how the lines and the people are all so well balanced and synced up. And the red umbrella just pops out in the middle. This has become a favorite of mine now, but it took quite a long time before I realized how much I like it!

ahab said...

Very nice!

(Is that the same red umbrella, BTW, that you once showed us on a SF porch?)

Generik said...

I wondered if anyone would ask that!

Not the same umbrella, no. That one was hanging on the wall just the way I photographed it; I didn't put it there. And I have no idea if we still have this particular umbrella or not -- we probably have about a dozen different umbrellas at any given time. You can see another shot of it here.

Donna said...

I think it's the same red umbrella as the one in Ahab's cherry blossom shots from the other day. I'm right, aren't I?!
The day I was at Prague Castle it was snowing and blowing -- beautiful but in a whole other way.

Tom Hilton said...

You know there's actually only one red umbrella in the world, and it gets passed around from photographer to photographer.

This is a really nice one.

Generik said...

I'm glad I got my moment with the red umbrella. Tom, I think it's your turn next.