Thursday, April 2, 2009

Travel Thursday: Signs of China

New Club

A nightclub in Hong Kong. A new club tomorrow? So what is it today?

One of the many fascinating things in China is the proliferation of signs, neon and otherwise, in English that instruct, amuse or otherwise confuse visitors. Here is just a small sampling from various spots in that amazing country.


Tower & Hall

Yuyuan Gardens, Shanghai.


A clothing store in Chengdu.


Hong Kong neon.

Spider Man Climbing

A mountain climbing outfit in Yangshuo.

Hot Lip

Restaurant in Shanghai.

Fish in Beer

Menu in Yangshuo.

Kiss Cat

Store in Chengdu.

Bar Sex

Another nightclub in Hong Kong. I'm not sure what goes on there.


Tom Hilton said...

Those are awesome! I want to go to the Hall of Mildness.

Donna said...

Bar Sex?

gosh, is that anything like bar food -- that stuff's nasty, man.

great pics!