Sunday, February 15, 2009

Still Life with Rosemary (Shadow Shot Sunday)

Late Afternoon Sun
Our dining room catching the late afternoon sun.

Shadow Shot Sunday meme explained here; this week's edition is here.


Rosebud Collection said...

Great shot of the Rosemary..I put some in vinegar and made a neat vinegar..Beautiful shadow..Happy SSS.

Generik said...

Nice shot!

What's funny is that I recognize the little ceramic nun in the basket. It's a pepper shaker, right? And it has a sad-faced Catholic schoolgirl salt shaker as its mate, correct?

We have the same set!

Hey Harriet said...

Sweet photo! Love rosemanry. I can almost smell it from here!

So cool that you guys are both posting shadow shots. Thanks heaps for joining in SSS :)

Generik said...

Thx again, Harriet!

Tom, on second look, I'm guessing that's not a pepper shaker at all, but a wind-up Nunzilla in the basket.

(We have one of those also.)

ahab said...

Nice! But where's the booze? I don't think I've ever seen a dry shot from inside your house.

Tom Hilton said...

Thanks, y'all. Nunzilla it is, Generik. Ahab, the hooch is all on a side table about 6 feet to the right--but there is a decanter in the shot, there just isn't anything in it.

PJ said...

Rosemary smells amazing and I love seeing domestic scenes like this. Beautifully done. Happy SSS!

Dianne said...

the light is magnificent