Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grain Elevators

Grain Elevators 03
Along the waterfront in Montreal.


Generik said...

Beautiful to look at, but I'm sure glad I don't live there!

Donna said...

really nice lines/movement.

I went camping outside of Montreal one winter -- god my youth was littered with such insanity!

Sara Chapman said...

Just a yummy shot. Found you thru the shadowshot site. My first visit to your blog. Some beautiful work here. Where is your office to have such a view?

Tom Hilton said...

Thanks, y'all, and welcome Sara! Glad you're enjoying our stuff. The bridge shot is the view from my office; I live and work in San Francisco (the office is on the 28th floor).

Generik, that's exactly what I thought when I was walking around in the zero-degree weather.

WJB said...

There's a new book out about grain elevators, including those in Montreal. Its called "American Colossus." Website is http://www.american-colossus.com and the author's blog is http://american-colossus.blogspot.com

Thought you might want to know.