Sunday, February 1, 2009


Painted Face Friends


ahab said...

Cute shot! (Great colors, too.) What's the occasion here -- one of your street fairs?

Generik said...

This is yet another shot from the annual Carnaval parade that runs in SF every May.

I know, Carnaval and Mardi Gras are celebrated prior to Lent everywhere else in the world; in SF, we do it in May. I guess because the weather is better.

Regardless of timing, though, it's one of my favorite venues for taking pictures. The secret is to get there early in the morning on the day of the parade and walk up and down Bryant Street, where all the floats and dancers in the parade are staged. You can go pretty much anywhere among the various groups, and people are almost always very accommodating when asked to pose. Along the parade route itself, it's much tougher to get any good shots, and nearly impossible to get the casual, spontaneous shots that I like so much.

ahab said...

Street portraiture is a real strength of yours. I'm not good at it, maybe because I don't enjoy it. I'm more of a webcam portraitist. ;) But shots of people are dynamic and fun to look at. I always enjoy yours.

Generik said...

It's funny, I tend to prefer the shots I take without people in them, but the people shots do tend to come out pretty well (imho).


Tom Hilton said...

That is adorable. And Ahab is right--you're great at the shooting people thing.