Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Steamy by Generik11
Steamy, a photo by Generik11 on Flickr.

Something a little different. This was taken in Hong Kong in 2004 with my old point & shoot. I've always liked this shot, but only had the b&w version posted to my Flickr site. Yesterday I decided to put this one up there as well.


ahab said...

Wow, killer shot!

Yesterday in Philly I had Vietnamese for lunch, Chinese for dinner and for lunch today I had Chinese leftover; otherwise I'd be drooling.

(I have the Italian version of this shot, which I'll now have to dig out and post one of these days.)

Generik said...

Thanks, ahab!

I had some great Vietnamese recently; such a treat. I'm fortunate to live just a couple blocks from the part of SF known as Little Saigon, so there's plenty of good pho and banh mi and lots more.

Looking forward to that picture from Italy!

Tom Hilton said...

Excellent shot, and I don't know how it looks in black & white but I love the colors in this version.