Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cedar Waxwing Hijacks a Fruit

Cedar Waxwing Hijacks a Crabapple
The battle for the Prairiefire crabapple tree has been joined. Robins, beware.


Generik said...

I want to see an all-out war between the Cedar Waxwings and the Robins over the crabapples.

Then again, I'd like to see an all-out war between San Francisco and Daly City, so you can take my bellicose dreams with as big a grain of salt as you can manage.

ahab said...

Everything's on ice for now. We got almost a foot of snow two days ago and temps have plummeted back to January levels. The Waxwings have gone to ground.

But the war between the Phillies and the Giants might be warming up.

E-6 said...

Seems hard to believe baseball is just a week away. All the snow in MPLS was pretty much gone, when a cleansing rainstorm turned into sleet and then snow last Monday. E-6 was not happy.

Another nice pic, ahab.

ahab said...

Thanks, E.

It's down in the low teens at night and barely breaking freezing during the day here. Torture. Last year I was rowing by now.

It will break with a vengeance one of these days. I foresee widespread flooding, heatstroke and sunburn.