Thursday, March 17, 2011

El Camino Viejo

Wind Wolves 42
Mouth of San Emigdio Canyon from the campground at Wind Wolves.


ahab said...

Nice to see that green coming in. Is this one of those coastal CA landscapes that goes all golden in summer and afterward?

Tom Hilton said...

This is inland, but yes, it'll turn golden in a month or so and stay that way until next winter.

ahab said...

That's the only way I've ever seen those regions, all rolling smooth and golden. From 5-10,000 feet the color and the texture are exquisite. I'd love to get out there and explore sometime at ground level.

Generik said...

See Your West!

I love that we get the emerald green in the winter; I just wish it would last a little longer.

Great capture, Tom.

Tom Hilton said...

Thanks! And with all this infernal rain, I'm afraid it will stay green a while longer.

By the way, the Camino Viejo in the title (which came down San Emigdio Canyon) was the first route between the Los Angeles area and inland California--in use by native Americans long before the Spaniards, and by the Spaniards beginning in the late 18th century.