Thursday, June 3, 2010

Travel Thursday: Middle O'Nowhere, Sonoma County

Haupt Creek Bridge (originally built 1907, rebuilt 1939), on the Stewarts Point-Skaggs Springs Road running from Highway 1 to the Highway 101 area (sign just off 1: "No services next 47 miles"). It's a great little winding two (sometimes 1.5) lane road through classic north coast forest and river canyons, country so remote it's hard to believe it's within a few hours of San Francisco. Also: wildflowers. Amazing wildflowers.

And then somewhere in the middle of it all I turned a bend and there were rocks in the road I couldn't avoid and when I stopped it looked okay but then the next time I stopped to shoot some flowers and I started up the tire pressure warning was on and I realized I was on the rim. In the middle of nowhere.

So I figured out how to change a tire, put the spare on, and then drove carefully and slowly over to the relative civilization of the Highway 101 corridor, and wound up spending another two hours looking for a place that a) was open on Sunday (Sonoma is not exactly a 7-day county) and b) had my tire (Wal-Mart and Sears did not). Got it fixed eventually, and got home safely and all. So now I can again appreciate the beauty and coolness of the ride.


Generik said...

What a great story! I know it was difficult and frustrating for you, but from afar (and, I'm hoping, in retrospect for you) it's one of those you'll remember and retell for the rest of your life.

Donna said...

some of the best images and stories are what we get having to get over hurdles.

ahab said...

That sounds (and looks) like it would make part of a great road trip out there.