Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Carnival Has Come to Town

Round and Round and Round She Goes

Just across McCovey Cove from the ballpark, a carnival midway is set up right now. Last Friday was the first night, and after the baseball game, Mrs. G and I walked over there to check it out and take some pictures. Here's one long exposure of the Ferris wheel. More below the fold.


Rainbow of Happiness

Tornado #1

Vanishing Carnies #2

Wheel in the Sky

Midway Madonna


Donna said...

Jesus, man -- amazing. I NEED to show these. Did I already tell y'all about my carnival years? Gotta say, the rides never looked this awesome nor the joints so lush.

Tom Hilton said...

Wow, these are great. Especially love the second one. How long is it there?

E-6 said...

Fantastic shots, G. I can almost smell the cotton candy.

Generik said...

Thanks, all.

Donna, feel free!

Tom, the carnival is here until Sunday, the 20th.

E-6, I don't know about the cotton candy, but they had a burger booth advertising 2-lb. cheeseburgers... for $19.75. I swear I'm not lying.

ahab said...

You're on a spiral roll.

Generik said...

I'm like butter -- I'm on a roll.

Ha! I kill myself.