Thursday, June 24, 2010

In My Neighborhood: Father's Day Feast

I Feel Terrible About Taking This

A somewhat controversial shot that I saw while on my way to work one recent morning. I hated that I was taking this guy's picture in what some might describe as an exploitative way, but I couldn't let this juxtaposition get by. And I absolutely wish that no one in this country -- on this earth! -- should have to live this way, but I also feel like this sort of thing needs to be documented.

I welcome any comments on the subject from our viewers.


Tom Hilton said...

Damn...just damn. Painful and beautiful. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's reminded of Margaret Bourke-White.

ahab said...

Poignant shot.

Donna said...

That shot says just so damn much. Can you get it published/seen by a wider audience? That this man is in this position while Dick Cheney and spawn (and the like) are given platforms and paid to spew their hatred of humanity just makes my head explode.
(rant, rant, rant)