Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Corea Beach

Corea Beach
Sunrise over the Schoodic Peninsula, Maine


Donna said...

WOW, really stunning.

Tom Hilton said...

Lovely. And welcome back--looks like you've been on vacation?

Generik said...

So nice.

Funny thing, I had just gone to your Flickr page to see if your uploading issues had been resolved, and I saw the shots you put up today. I immediately thought, "I hope he's putting at least one of these up on Pixels," and so had to swing over here to look. Very happy to see that you did.

(Next, how about the Tidestones picture...?)

ahab said...

Thanks, everyone.

Many apologies for my absence. I've been at war with the power here in my little community. It's very time- and energy-consuming. So I haven't been shooting (these shots are from '08) and I guess I just kind of fell off the map. But the war must go on...

Generik, the tech issue with Flickr was simple and kind of stupid of me. I've been looking and lurking but just not posting. I'll pick it back up now.