Thursday, August 20, 2009

Travel Thursday: Shanghai

Pearl Tower Fever Dream

Mrs. G and I spent about five days in Shanghai after our initial landing in Beijing. We were all on our own, having no one to translate or show us around (our guide in Beijing, Chris, did not travel with us, and we did not meet up with my brother until we got to Chengdu). Nevertheless, we found the city surprisingly easy to negotiate, the people very friendly and the food better than we'd had in Beijing. We took subway trains and taxi cabs and walked all over, and never felt lost or uncomfortable.


Erik & Pal

UFO Bldg

Shanghai Duo

Pearl Tower

Shanghai Sally

Shanghai Fruit

Nanjing Rd


Donna said...

wow, wonderful. thanks you!

Tom Hilton said...

Great pics. Shanghai is the one city in China I'd really like to visit.

Generik said...

Shanghai was my favorite metropolitan city of the ones I visited, but Yangshuo (near Guilin, along the Li River) was by far my favorite place in that country.