Thursday, August 13, 2009

Travel Thursday: Bodie

Bodie 21
I'm loath to tread on Generik's turf, but...

I went to Bodie planning to shoot a bunch of ghost town shots, classic images of solitude and decay. The traffic backup at the entrance kiosk made me think otherwise. Turns out I had stumbled into the sesquicentennial shindig: people in costume, horses, classic cars, live music, parade, barbecue, pie-eating contests, and all that sort of thing. Generally speaking, a zoo. So that's what I ended up shooting.
Bodie 15

Bodie 09

Bodie 28

Bodie 20

Bodie 13

Bodie 22

Bodie 19

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Generik said...

Mrs. G was shocked when I told her about the line to get into Bodie. She'll be extra tickled to see these shots.

Glad you enjoyed the place!