Friday, August 14, 2009

Attack of the Giant Roosters*

Rooster 02

I shot this guy the other day in Kernville. Then yesterday, plate of shrimp: a nearly identical bird shows up in my contact stream. So I did a little investigating, and made a chilling discovery: these things are everywhere. Stock item from some fibreglass manufacturer...or fiendish plot to enslave the world? We report; you decide.

Rooster 01

*Technically capons, as Dave Van Hulsteyn points out, but 'roosters' just sounded better.


Generik said...

"Roosters" certainly sounds better than being attacked by giant cocks.

Although I suppose some folks might find that not such a bad thing at all...

Donna said...

thank you Generik for getting there first!

Generik said...

When they're teed up like that, I just can't resist swinging.