Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time-Travel Tuesday: Oakland 1960

June 1960
"Frank and Loveda De Pont, and Pepe (our mynah bird), beside our 1960 Volkswagen camper.
June, 1960.
Oakland, Calif."

From a Kodak Memories album acquired at a Rockridge thrift store in 1988.


ahab said...

It's got David Lynch written all over it. But don't all old snapshots, 99% of which are soon abandoned? They dramatize the ultimate emptiness of life, the futilty that time exposes in everything any of us would hold dear.

Very powerful shot.

Generik said...

I love this shot. I learned to drive in a VW bus (and thanks to that, I feel confident driving just about any vehicle now). What a great gift!

ahab said...

Don't mind my bleak speculations. I'm pushing 50.

Donna said...

50's not so bad Ahab. Hell the best part is being able to say "I'm 50, I don't have to (fill in whatever shit you don't put up with anymore here)". OK, so some of use (ahem, me) didn't wait until 50 BUT it's still a great excuse.

Tom Hilton said...

Ahab, now I'm very intrigued to see what you have to post for Time-Travel Tuesday. ;-)

And just to pull the threads together: better pushing 50 than pushing a broken-down VW bus.